Porch Lanterns

Here is my inspiration, from Pottery Barn! Isn’t this just beautiful.

So I decided to try my hand at a lantern filled porch!

Here is my version:

We wanted a simpler, more refined look, but warm and inviting. Also, we didn’t want it too nautical looking, so we changed it up a little bit. and, our view isn’t as nice as the Pottery Barn version, but I guess you work with what you got.

I found lanterns online at: Wholesale Mart.com
I bought 12 so I would have plenty for my porch.  Then we spaced the lanterns and hung them with chains. Now, in our area we can get some strong winds, so we added fishing line horizontally through all the chains. Hopefully that will keep everything in place… I will keep you updated on if that works or not.

Here it is at night. Isn’t it pretty? We love how it turned out. 
BTW, we added battery powered candles (with remotes!) to make it easier to turn on and enjoy. 

 What do you think?
Do you have hanging lanterns that you would like to share? I would love to see them!

Lesson learned:
1. plan on weather. I didn’t plan on the wind until we had everything up. Luckliy we had a good soluiotn, but it could have been bad.
2. Inspiration is everywhere. Even though my final version is not like the inspiration, it works for us and without the inspiration we wouldn’t have even thought of doing this…


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