I will admit I am a Whovian! I have loved Doctor Who since I was a child and I think I will love it to my dying day. Thanks to the reboot I introduced The Doctor to my son, and to my relief he loves it! So, I decided to paint the door to the bathroom in the basement like the TARDIS door.
This was a fairly simple project. First I took the door off the hinges and took it outside to paint. I chose the color Brilliant Blue paint and primer in a semi gloss finish by Olymic. I got the paint from my local Lowes. Then I painted and painted and painted. There are tons of tutorial about how to paint doors all over the internet, so if you need help I would Google. It was pretty straight forward but it did take 3 coats of paint to get the deep blue I was looking for.
 Here is my door before I started. Pretty boring! Just a plain 6 panel door. But it will be better soon!
If it looks terrible after the first and second coats, don’t worry the third coat will help smooth it out and make it look great. You might have to do touch ups in a few place, but overall 3 coats should do it.

See pretty bad, but it will get better!

Let it fully dry before you hang

Between coats I spray painted my hardware the Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze color. Just clean them with a TSP cleaner, lightly sand, wipe off then paint away. We are painting all our hardware to update it from the shiny brass color.

Once the door was hung I applied decals (the windows and police box sign are decals) I didn’t think I could paint them, so I found some great ones on Etsy. Here is a link to the seller

We love our TARDIS door, what do you think?