My hobby: Photography

When Lyle and I went to college in Florida (about a million years ago) I decided that I wanted to learn more about photography. So I found an art school and signed up for classes. It was one of the best schooling experiences that I have ever had. I enjoyed every minute of the all the photography classes that I took.

And from those classes I discovered that I had a new passion. This passion for photography has given me a creative outlet, even when I didn’t feel particularly creative.  I love the feel of the camera in my hand, the weight of it as I take a shot. Sometimes I would put the camera down and I didn’t pick it up for months on end, but when I did pick up the camera it is like seeing an old friend. We got to know each other again and before you know it is like no time has passed at all. That is one of the things I love most about photography.

I am always taking pictures of anything I find interesting. I have found that photography is a way for me to look at the world a little differently, a way to look at it from a fresh, new point of view.  And when I go back and look at my photographs I find myself reminiscing about the day I took the picture and what I was feeling and what I was doing. It is a snapshot of a moment in time, a moment that we can never go back to but we can revisit through a photograph. And each time I look at my photographs I feel something different, I notice new things, and I find myself returning to that time and place in my mind.

Photographs are powerful, they can evoke a wide range of emotions, and usually it is not the same feeling twice. No two people can see a photograph and feel the same thing and I find that incredibly powerful. It is something that I am aware of when I take my pictures.

I am always learning about photography and it is a skill that I hope to improve as I practice more and more. I take pictures for as a hobby, as a creative outlet for me, but I like to share them with other people and hope they enjoy them as much as I do. I don’t make money on my photographs but it is a way I can connect with people and share a little of myself, without saying a word.

Here are a few snapshots in to my life, my world, and even my soul. Enjoy. Red heart


wagon wheels          Fort Collins sunrise

San Francisco          Calif beach

Santa Cruz CA          Old door

Wagon wheels          Ski signbeach          hike

Saguaro         Butterflies

philadelphia            river


Turn a plain cadet hat into something that will turn heads

As you all know by now I can’t leave well enough alone. I had these two cadet hats that were fine plain, but not I knew that I could make them better with just a few items.

black cadet hat side view     route 66 cadet hat side



~ Hat, almost any hat will do

~ Bling, whatever you want to decorate your hat with

~ E-6000 glue

~ scissors



Black Hat:

1. Plan out your design. This is important so you can make sure you have room for your wonderful design

~ The black hat I used pieces from Hobby Lobby. The big flower is a Fashion Tid Bit and the swirls are from the scrapbook section. I forgot to take pictures while I was working so I went back to Hobby Lobby and took pictures after the fact. That is why you can still see the price tag in the picture.

~ I just cut the swirls out and shaped them to get the look I was going for. I didn’t use the whole package, which is good because that means there is more for me use on a different project!


black cadet hat

2. Glue the design down with E-6000. Even though the swirls have adhesive on them I sill glued them so they would stick really good.

3. Wait 24 hours before wearing to make sure the glue is nice and dry.


Tan hat:

1. Plan the design

route 66 cadet hat

2. Glue the row of rhinestones on near the brim of the hat. I had to cut one of the rhinestone rows to make sure it fit.

3. Glue the patch on the center of the hat.


route 66 cadet hat front

4. Wait 24 hours before wearing to make sure the glue is nice and dry.


Here I am wearing the black hat before I went to Disneyland for the day (so please excuse the lighting Smile ). It held up great, the glue held perfectly and nothing has fallen off yet!



And here I am wearing it at the Hoover Dam with my son.

It is always a lot more fun to wear things you make, do you think? What are your ideas for a new hat?



Turn an ugly statement necklace into a new beautiful pendant

What do you do when you see such an unfortunate necklace on deep clearance at Walmart? Well, you buy 2 of them and take it home with the hopes that you can find something  to do with them when you get home.

So that is exactly what I did.

Now, you make like this necklace as is and I apologize if I hurt your feeling by saying it is ugly. But it is rather ugly. All of the colors are different and they are all on this weird vinyl that will surely turn yellow with age.

 showing off new pendant

This project is so easy it was well worth the embarrassment of buying such and ugly necklace.


~ Necklace

~ Glue (I used E6000)

~ Jump rings

~ needle nose pliers

~ Chain



This is easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Cut the jewel off that you want to turn into a pendant. I cut the vinyl around the pendant, but I left it in the middle. This was just incase I needed more area to glue on the jump ring.

2. Glue the jump ring on the back with E6000. Let it dry over night before you add the other jump ring.

3. Once dry add the other jump ring (open it with the pliers) and chain.


easy as 1 2 3


That is it. Then rock your new pendant that is now beautiful instead of gaudy.

I just have 4 more clusters that I can make into something fabulous. Any suggestions?

Fair warning, I did purchase a bunch of these statement necklaces that are all different shapes and sizes, so you will be seeing them a lot as I get busy transforming them. Smile 




rocking the new pendant

DIY Rhinestone Mickey Shirt

If you follow my instagram you know all about my trip to Disneyland. It was beyond awesome! We had a wonderful time.

As you probably guessed, I will be showing you all the things I made for the trip. I have almost as much fun crafting for my Disney trips as I do at Disney!

This time I made a Mickey with flower rhinestones. I used the same technique that I made this other Disney shirt.


2015-08-06 08.29.02

The process is the same, just a different design. I have washed these shirts when I got back in cold water and line dried. Everything stayed on! Whoo Hoo! I don’t know how many washings it will take, but for now it is ok.


~ t-shirt (I found mine at Hobby Lobby), pre wash

~ Rhinestones (I found the flower ones at the dollar store about a year ago, but just about anything will work)

~ Mickey stencil (I just googled online for one that I liked)

~ tape to hold the stencil in place

~ E-6000 glue

~ Cardboard



1. Put cardboard under your shirt where you are going to glue


2. Place the stencil where you want it and tape it down


3. Start laying our your design. I used the flowers and added other rhinestones to fill in the blank spaces. This is where your creativity can really take off.


4. Once you have your design in place, start gluing.


5. Once everything is glued on let it dry overnight and there you have it, a new shirt to where to Disney, or wherever you want to show your Disney pride! Or this technique can work with any stencil. What ideas do you have for a rhinestone shirt?

Turn an old pin into a hair barrette

Now I know this is a super easy project. It is one I did in a few minutes and I love how it turned out.

This is all about seeing the world in a new light, and changing the things that are almost right but not quite.

So this is where this pin transformation comes in to place. I had this pin that was a little bold for my taste as a pin (I bought it on super clearance and couldn’t pass up the deal), but as a barrette it was perfect.


turn a pin into a barrette


~ Pin

~ Barrett

~ glue



1. Pull off the old pin back, you can see the glue that the pin left behind but don’t worry you can’t see it when you are wearing your new barrette. This design had felt as the backing so it was super easy to pull the pin off, if you are working with metal this step is much harder. I don’t have pictures of this step, but you can visualize how it is done.

2. Glue the barrette on to the design.

glue the new barrette to the back     front of my new barrette


3. Rock your new barrette (I even took a bathroom selfie so I could show you what it looks like in my hair Smile )

That is it! I know this may sound too easy but I just wanted to post about how you can turn something that you really don’t care for into something that you absolutely love. I am constantly looking at how I can change things to better suit me and I would love to know more about what you do to change thing to suit you.

Rocking the new barrette

Make Your Own Road Trip Pillow!

If you follow my Instagram you probably know by now that my son and I, along with some friends, went on a road trip to Disneyland. (if you don’t follow me on Instagram you are missing out on all the fun Smile ) Anyway, I decided that all the boys (there were 4 teenage boys with us) needed to have their own pillow for the trip. I have seen versions of these road trip pillows all over Etsy and Pinterest, and I thought these would be perfect! And after a week I can tell you that they worked perfectly, and they are easy to make!



About 1 yard of fabric per pillow


sewing machine, or you can hand sew the pillow if you would like



1. Take your yard of fabric and fold in half, right sides together


2. Stitch around the edge, making sure you leave a gap on the outside corners so you can stuff the individual pillows


3. Turn it right side out


4. Stitch 2 lines in the middle. This is where the pillow can wrap around the seatbelt. I did a 4 inch area in the middle of the pillow.


5. Stuff the pillow. My husband is a great sport and helped with the pillows. Initially I did over stuff them, but this is such an individual preference, so stuff as much or as little as you like.


6. When you are done stuffing the pillows sew the gap closed. I decided not to hand sew the gap (I was running very short on time) so I just decided to use my machine to close the gap. And that is it!




My son looks so excited to pose with the finished pillow Smile


What do you like to take with you on a road trip?