Gallery Wall

Today I thought I would take a moment and show you my gallery walls that are in my house. I love to have photos of my family and our favorite vacation spots on our walls in our house. Since we don’t have a ton of wall space we needed to be creative in how we display our pictures. So we set up two gallery walls. One in a 3 x 3 grid and looks a little modern with our black and white pictures. The other is a little more free flow. I will show you both and how we put them together.

gallery walls

gallery walls

Black and White Grid

This was a fun  way to show our favorite vacation spots. We love to travel and we have tons of pictures from our travels, so what better way to show where we have been than with a gallery wall. The frames are 12 x 12 black frames I got at Aaron Brothers, but I think you can get them pretty much anywhere, including online.  I had our photos printed at Walmart in black and white in and  8×10 size. I added a blurred boarder around the edges. When I got the photos I glued them on to a 12 x12 piece of card stock and framed the photo. We then hung them in a 3 x 3 grid pattern. Very easy to do and it is a nice way to show case you travel photos.

Here is a close up of the photos

gallery wall

If you want to see how we painted our couch you can see this blog post.


gallery walls

Gallery Wall

The other wall was a little bit less defined. Going up our stairs we thought it would be fun to show our family pictures and other things that mean a lot us. First we laid it out on the floor (and yes that is Starlight “helping”). I am so sorry for the blurry pictures, these are just terrible…

gallery walls

Anyway we laid out that pattern and when we found a pleasing layout we took papers in the sizes of the frames and laid it out on the actual wall so we could get a good idea of placement. Once we were happy we pounded in nails and hung up everything.

gallery walls

On this wall we have our family pictures, a favorite saying (Live well, laugh often, love much) a letter S that I put buttons on (the how to blog post is here) and a beautiful hand pained tile we got in the Bahamas. And we have prints with what our names mean. It is a wonderful grouping of things we love.

gallery walls

gallery walls


What do you think of our gallery? How do you hang pictures in your home?


DIY Magic Towel Wall Art

I am loving the magic towels. The images are so fun and colorful. The Batman ones really stood out for me so I decided that I needed some wall hanging for our Fandom Basement.

Our basement is where we celebrate all fandoms! You can go back to this post and see how I made the Tardis Door. Oh and do you like my hand painted Deathly Hallows symbol and Captain America shield? Just a few details to the Fandom Basement. We love just about all the fandoms…

DIY Magic Towel wall art

This wall art is easy and fairly inexpensive. 

Here is what I did for this wall art.



DIY Magic Towel wall art

~ Magic Towels (I got mine at the dollar store)

~ Iron

~ Foam board (I got mine at the dollar store)

~ Craft Glue (I used Aleene’s)

~ Ruler or straight edge for a cutting guide

~ Exacto knife or rotary blade.

~ Ribbon

~ Ticky Tac, or some way to hang it.



~ I washed my towels first. Once they are thoroughly cleaned I ironed them nice and flat. Then they were good to go!

DIY Magic Towel wall art

~ I stacked them on top of each other so that when I I cut the towels they were the same size. I used a ruler for a guide to make sure it was straight.

DIY Magic Towel wall art     DIY Magic Towel wall art


~ Once it was all cut I spread craft glue on the foam board. Then I placed the towel on the board

DIY Magic Towel wall art     DIY Magic Towel wall art

~ After the towel was secured to the foam board I trimmed the edges so that it looked good.

DIY Magic Towel wall art


~ After it was cut out I trimmed the top edge with ribbon. This was a good way to hide the frayed edges. 

DIY Magic Towel wall art

~Then I noticed that the white foam edges that were showing did not look very good, but I was out of ribbon so I did the next best thing and colored the edges with a Sharpie.

DIY Magic Towel wall art


~ Before hanging up let it dry completely. I would place books on top so that it stays flat. I did not do this step and my art curled a little bit and so I had to flatten it after it was dry.


~Then hang it up. I used Ticky Tac, but you can use just about anything you want.


DIY Magic Towel wall art

DIY Magic Towel wall art

Not bad for just a few dollars. These would looks great in a kids room or bathroom and when they get tired of it it is easy to change out.


This time I mounted it on foam board, but next time I am going to try and frame the towel, or stretch it on a 12×12 canvas. So many options, I just hope I have enough wall space.


That is it! What do you make with your towels?  I would love to see the art you create.

I am tired

I will give you all fair warning that this post will contain swear words. What a way to start this blog post. So if you don’t want to read those naughty words then stop right now. If you don’t have a problem then let’s continue on.

I am tired of the BS

I don’t mean for this to be a complaining post, I did want to share what I was going through and how I handled it.

Like I said, I am tired. What I mean by that is, I am tired of all the bullshit that is going around. Whether it is from family, friend, coworkers, customers, or vendors I am tired of all the bs. I hear a lot of complaints without solutions, whining without anyone doing anything about it. People just like to carry their bs around and spread it all over the place, and I am tired of it. I don’t mean to be a “complain-a-saurus” so I am surrounding myself with people who are not spreading the BS, but people who are trying to make the world a better place.

tired of the bs

I have been calling people out on their bs, which might not leave me with many friends, but that is ok.

tired of the bul

By now you are probably wondering what this is all about, and how  does it relate to creating and crafting. Well, I will tell you. I was talking about how tired I am of the BS to my husband and he jokingly suggested that I stitch that up some way and display it. I thought that was a fantastic idea! So I decided to make a cross stitch pattern with my new saying. I have never made a pattern before and I have to say it was a lot of fun.  I know it is not perfect, but it is my first try. If you have any suggestions on making patterns I would love the help.

I decided this was not complaining it is taking a problem and making something from it.tired of the bullshit

For this pattern I just used an  Open Office grid template and made a grid in the spreadsheets and put and X where I wanted a stitch. Pretty easy to create.  I am not sure I will actually make in the colors I picked, but it was fun to play around with the colors.

I am attaching a pdf of the patterns on the blog so that you can print one up and make a cute decoration with the saying “I am tired of the bullshit”. I made 3 versions, so make the one you like best and be sure to share it with us when you are done. I am planning on making one as soon as I am done with some other projects.

Thank you for listening to my rant. I love my readers, you guys are the best and I truly appreciate you. I will try not to do this too much. But I am glad that even with my frustration I was able to create something new.And while I was making the pattern I couldn’t stop laughing. I giggled and laughed the entire time, and to me that is the best part of the whole experience.

And that is what this is all about, taking a deep breath, and creating something new.

I am tired of the BS

tired of the BS

tired of the Bull

tired of the bullshit