TBT Restoration Hardware Chandelier DIY

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to take a few minutes today to do a TBT. I made this chandelier about 4 years ago and I still love it! Here is the original blog post: Restoration Hardware Chandelier

The DIY took me a while to complete, but it still is one of my favorite projects! I hope you all enjoy the walk down memory lane.

Restoration Hardware Chandelier DIY

I have a lot of new readers so I wanted to share this DIY with everyone.

Restoration Hardware Chandelier DIY

When I saw this RH chandelier I fell in love! I mean it is a perfect blend of sparkle and fancy with rustic, industrial elements. But I did not fall in love with the cost.


The Full instructions are in the original post, but here are the abbreviated instructions

I found this old light fixture and added some hoops that I found at the craft store.

Restoration Hardware Chandelier DIYRestoration Hardware Chandelier DIY

After adding the hoops I spray painted everything with Rusteloem Oil Rubbed Bronze (my favorite spray paint)

Restoration Hardware Chandelier DIY

Restoration Hardware Chandelier DIY

Then I added all the crystals and light bulbs

Restoration Hardware Chandelier DIY

Then we hung it up and it looks awesome! People are always surprised when I say that I made it!

What DIY projects have you done that were inspired by Restoration Hardware?

Restoration Hardware Chandelier DIY


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