Alter a Statement Necklace into a Hair Barrette

Hello everyone!

Today I am showing you how I altered another one of those Statement Necklaces I got from Wal-Mart a few months ago. In case you forgot about these Statement Necklaces  here are a few posts about how I altered different necklaces.

You can see them Here, Here, and Here

Part of this necklace will become a new, pretty barrette.

alter a necklace into a barrette















~ Statement Necklace

~ Wire cutters

~ Glue (I used E-6000)

~ Barrette or alligator clip

~ Nail Polish, I used this LA Colors nail polish from the Dollar Store and for the glitter top coat I used a Wet n Wild glitter top coat.

alter necklace into a barrette











~ Here is my necklace in all its glory. There are a ton of colors going on and it is too much, even for me.  Here is a side by side image with what I started with and what I ended up with.

Alter necklace to a barrette













So the first thing you do is take  your wire cutters and cut the necklace apart. You want to separate the clusters.

 alter necklace into a barrette alter necklace into a barrette



















~ Then I painted all the multicolored sections with nail polish a beautiful blue. In hindsight I probably should have painted a base coat of white before I painted the blue, you can see that the colors are slightly different, but not too much. I put on about 3 coats.

alter a necklace into a barrette

~ it is pretty, but it needed a little sparkle. So I painted a glittery top coat. Ahh, much better. You can see the glitter in this pic.  Let it dry completely

alter necklace into a barrette














~ Glue a barrette or alligator clip to the back and you are done.


Nice and easy, and it looks so cute.


alter necklace into a barrette


Wake Up And Be Awesome

Wake up and be awesome is my motto. Everyday you have a choice of what you want to be and awesome is my answer. It is not always easy, but I do try.

So what better way to show my love for awesomeness than to make a wall hanging? It is fun to look at first thing in the morning and they day is always better when you start off with a smile.

wake up and be awesome diy project


~old painting that you are willing to cover up. I found mine at Goodwill

~ paint (I am using acrylic paint that I found at the craft store)

wake up and be awesome diy project

~ Alphabet stickers, I was looking for big stickers and I found mine at Target near the poster board section

~ Rhinestone (of course I need rhinestones! I think this is a prerequisite for all my crafts Smile)

~ Glue to glue on the rhinestones (I am using Aleene’s Jewel-it glue)

wake up and be awesome diy project

~ Foam paint brush



~ Take your old painting and wipe clean. A damp paper towel should do the trick. I found this painting at Goodwill. It is not an actual painting but a print on canvas. The style doesn’t match my décor but the colors do. So I thought it would be perfect for this project.

wake up and be awesome diy project

~ Gather your supplies

wake up and be awesome diy project

~ I cut out the letters and laid them out to make sure everything fit.

wake up and be awesome diy project

~ Stick the letters on the canvas. Really press them down to make sure no paint seeps under the letter

wake up and be awesome diy projectwake up and be awesome diy project

~ Start painting.  Cover the entire canvas. Take your time and make sure it is all covered and looks good.

wake up and be awesome diy projectwake up and be awesome diy project

~ Before the paint completely dries take the letters off and throw them away. Check for sections where the paint might have seeped under the letter and clean it up. I used a Q-tip to make the letters look crisp.

wake up and be awesome diy project

I am not sure how anyone gets anything done without a little cat help. Smile It seems like every time I start a project Starlight has to be in the middle of it. But she makes it more fun.

wake up and be awesome diy project

~ Then I started adding rhinestones. I think everything is better with a little sparkle. I just added a few to the left edge of the each letter in the word Awesome. I think it added just the right amount of sparkle.

wake up and be awesome diy project

~Hang it on you wall (mine is in our bedroom) and get ready to wake up and be Awesome!

wake up and be awesome diy project

Paint a Plastic Dollar Store Vase with Nail Polish

First I have to tell you about the free arm knitting class I took last night at Michael’s. It was awesome.

I am was excited to finally learn how to arm knit and check out the infinity scarf that I made!


So much fun, and the instructor was wonderful and very patient! Once I got the hang of it, it was easy to do and very fast.  I can’t wait to make other things with arm knitting. You can be sure I will feature arm knitting projects in the future Smile


Anyway, on to the other project I did this weekend….

I was wandering around the Dollar Store this weekend and I saw this plastic vase. It looks like it could be a cut crystal vase from a distance, I am talking about way distant, like a mile or so. But up close you can really tell that it is plastic. So I thought I would help  the vase out and give it sparkles and color.

Here is the vase in all its  glory.

paint plastic vase with nail polish

And here is an up close to of the “cut crystal” part of the vase. I like the design and it is pretty enough to use.

paint plastic vase with nail polish


~ Vase you want to paint

~ Nail Polish. Any color will do. I used this copper color called DS Glow from OPI, I thought it was perfect for fall and the holidays. This vase will work for a variety of holidays, which is a good thing. But at a dollar for each vase you can make a new one for each holiday.



1. Paint a first coat over the parts you want colored.

2. Add a second coat, more if needed. I just added color in a few strategic parts on the vase. Now I know that my painting is not perfect, but I am convinced that it adds to the charm of the vase. Perfection can be overrated Smile

3. Let dry then add flowers, candy, marbles,or anything else you thing would look good in your new vase.

Paint a plastic vase with nail polish

I put mums in the vase for the fall.

paint plastic vase with nail polish

Here is the vase with poinsettias in it rather than the mums. Ready for Christmas.

paint plastic vase with nail polish

Transform old jewelry into something new with this easy DIY

So a few weeks ago I won an old costume jewelry lot auction on eBay.  I won a huge box of old costume jewelry, it was filed with tons of goodies. Some pieces were broken, others were still in good condition just ugly, and some were wonderful as is.

So I took a pair of earrings that were not to my taste and updated them with a little bit of nail polish. The original yellow is a color I don’t wear because I don’t like the color and it doesn’t look good on me at all. 

Here is the before and after pictures so you can see what I did.


It is a very easy project one that would be fun to do with kids.


Jewelry. Not all jewelry will work, but these earrings worked great.

sand paper, or emery board

nail polish (I used a base colors, sparkles, and a top coat)

And that is it, you really don’t need much for this project.




First I roughed up the surface of the earrings. This is to prep the surface so that the nail polish will have something to adhere to.


Then I painted the red solid color on the earrings. don’t forget to paint the edges, I didn’t want any of the yellow showing through. I stuck the earrings in a shoe box lid to dry so I didn’t mess them up by touching them all the time.


I used N.Y.C. nail polish in Big Apple Red Crème. I painted on 3 coats, letting it dry in between coats.


Once I was happy with the base color I added the sparkles. I am a big fan of anything glittery and this was a no brainer for me to add sparkles. Of course it is up to you if you want to add sparkles or not. I used Deborah Lippmann’s 99 Luftballons

20150709_191021        20150709_191025

Once the sparkles were dry I added a clear top coat.


And that is it. Much better, don’t you think.


Since this was so easy I think I have a few more pieces that need to be updated…


I will admit I am a Whovian! I have loved Doctor Who since I was a child and I think I will love it to my dying day. Thanks to the reboot I introduced The Doctor to my son, and to my relief he loves it! So, I decided to paint the door to the bathroom in the basement like the TARDIS door.
This was a fairly simple project. First I took the door off the hinges and took it outside to paint. I chose the color Brilliant Blue paint and primer in a semi gloss finish by Olymic. I got the paint from my local Lowes. Then I painted and painted and painted. There are tons of tutorial about how to paint doors all over the internet, so if you need help I would Google. It was pretty straight forward but it did take 3 coats of paint to get the deep blue I was looking for.
 Here is my door before I started. Pretty boring! Just a plain 6 panel door. But it will be better soon!
If it looks terrible after the first and second coats, don’t worry the third coat will help smooth it out and make it look great. You might have to do touch ups in a few place, but overall 3 coats should do it.

See pretty bad, but it will get better!

Let it fully dry before you hang

Between coats I spray painted my hardware the Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze color. Just clean them with a TSP cleaner, lightly sand, wipe off then paint away. We are painting all our hardware to update it from the shiny brass color.

Once the door was hung I applied decals (the windows and police box sign are decals) I didn’t think I could paint them, so I found some great ones on Etsy. Here is a link to the seller

We love our TARDIS door, what do you think?