DIY Duct Tape Covered Plastic Basket

Hello Everyone!

The old adage “Necessity is the mother of invention” is usually true. And the case of today’s DIY it was especially true

DIY Duct Tape Covered Plastic Basket

I have this plastic basket that I use to store my paint brushes in. But the holes in the basket make it very easy for the brushes to fall out. So I needed a way to plug the holes.

DIY Duct Tape Covered Plastic Basket Yikes! Look at that mess!

Duct Tape to the rescue!

DIY Duct Tape Covered Plastic Basket

All I did was wrap the basket with  this fantastic duct tape that I found at the dollar store. The basket is tapered so the wrapping was not perfect, but it works great for my brushes.

DIY Duct Tape Covered Plastic BasketDIY Duct Tape Covered Plastic Basket

Don’t forget to wrap the inside, because the sticky side of the duct tape peeks through.

DIY Duct Tape Covered Plastic Basket

Once I was done with the duct tape I added some sparkle tape to the top and bottom for a little fun.

DIY Duct Tape Covered Plastic Basket

And that is it. The basket is finished and now my brushes are contained!

DIY Duct Tape Covered Plastic Basket

DIY Duct Tape Covered Plastic Basket


Re-purpose an old window into a shabby chic message board

If you follow my Instagram (taketimetocreate) then I am sure you have already seen the reveal of this repurposed window. For those of you who don’t follow me there here the shabby chic message board!

repurpose window to shabby chic message board

I have to say I do love the way it turned out! This all started when my friend asked me to paint a window for a silent auction for mental health awareness. At first I wasn’t too interested, not because I didn’t believe in the cause (because this is one cause I totally support) it was because I wasn’t sure I had a design that would work. Most everyone else did a more traditional painted window with flowers on the glass and things like that. Well of course I didn’t follow the crowd. So I did my own thing and hopefully it will bring in a lot of money for the charity!

Here is how I did the repurposing.

~ old window (for this to work you for magnets you will need one with a metal screen)
~ sandpaper, tape, cleaning supplies
~ paint and brush
~ cork
~ flowers, magnets, tacks, and clothes pins
~ ribbon and burlap

~ The first thing you will need to do is sand down all the rough edges and smooth it out. Once you like the feel of the window then give it a good cleaning.


~ Now you are ready to paint. I taped around the edges to help cut down on how much paint went on the screen, and this seemed to help.
Paint a couple coats until you get it to how you like it. I used this white acrylic paint that I had on hand.

white acrylic paint

~ Cut your cork down to size and glue it on to the screen. I just glued the edges with a metal glue and that seems to hold it pretty well.

add cork to window

~Then I went to work decorating the edge. Shabby chic is all about layers so that is what I did. I put down a layer of burlap, the layered on a layer of crochet ribbon that I had in my stash.

add ribbon and burlap

That looked good, but I felt like it was missing something, so I added a ribbon on top and flowers in the corners.

add more ribbon

Then I added ribbon to the bottom of the screen and to the bottom of the window. Once that was done it was time to add the flower decorations.

~ For the flowers add a magnet the back of some and tack to the others. For the clothes pins I just added ribbon to a plain clothes pin I got from the dollar store.

glue magnets to flowers

And that is it. This is a very fun project that is easy to do and I loved using what I had on hand. I can’t wait for the auction and hopefully they will make a lot of money for their cause!

repurpose window to shabby chic message board

DIY Magnet Chip Board Letters

Hello everyone!

I have these left over chip board glitter letters. I love the color and and glitteryness but I only have a few letters left, so I though they would be perfect for this magnet project. But with so few options I had to figure out what to spell and “Be Kind” just stood out.

DIY Magnet Chip Board Letters

Be Kind is a motto that I try and live by. I don’t know what people are going through so I always try to be kind, no matter what the situation. So this is a nice reminder that I put in my office at work. I think being kind to each other is one of the most important things we can do.

So here is how I made these chip board magnet letters.


~ Letters

~ magnetic sheets

~ glue (I used Loctite)

~ scissors and Exacto knife



~ The letter have an adhesive back so I pealed off the paper backing and I pealed off the paper protecting the magnetic sheet

DIY Magnet Chip Board Letters

DIY Magnet Chip Board Letters

~ Glue on the letter to the magnet. This is probably not necessary, but I like to be sure it won’t come off so I thought a little glue was a good idea.

DIY Magnet Chip Board Letters

DIY Magnet Chip Board Letters

~ Cut around the letter. I used scissors and an Exacto knife to get around all the edges.

DIY Magnet Chip Board Letters

And you are done. I think they turned out super cute. What letters do you need to use up and what do they spell?

What to with left over yarn?

Hello Everyone!

12x12 crochet square

Now that I have learned how to crochet I always seem to have a project or two going on. But I have noticed that I leftovers, a skein, or a partial skein that I am not sure what to do with. I have seen tons of ideas on Pinterest from blankets to hats. I settled on making 12×12 squares of this really soft Bernat blanket  yarn that I used to make blankets for Christmas presents. Once I am done with all the squares I will see how many I have and decide on blanket sizes and how many I can make.  I have 3 colors of yarn that I am creating squares from. I am not sure I will mix and match or I will keep the blankets all one color, I guess it will depend on how any squares I make.


(Please ignore my messy desk in the background. I have never been good at keeping a neat work space. But I guess that messiness breads creativity, right? Smile)

So far I have one block completed! Whoo Hoo! I love how portable this project is. The temperature blanket I am working on is getting to big to take with me everywhere I go. I like to have a project with me at all times (you never know when you have a spare moment to work on your crochet) Once I have all the squares done and I make it into a blanket I think will donate it to a Women’s shelter, they are always in need of blankets.

Here is the pattern:

Chain 25

Single crochet 25 rows (or as many rows it takes to make a square)

That is it, I am keeping it pretty simple.

12x12 crochet square

And the best part of making these squares is that I will be freeing up space in my craft room for more yarn! Yay! More Yarn!

12x12 crochet square

What I am working on

Hello everyone!

I thought I would add a new segment to my blog, it is all about what I am currently working on. With all crafting going on, things take time and I usually get started on a project and get sidetracked to some new and shinier. But I want to show you what I have going on in my craft room. (well, just a few of the things going on, because let’s be honest, there are always tons of projects that have been started and not finished.)

The first item is the Crochet Temperature blanket. Here is the link to the original post about it: 2016 Temperature Blanket

If you follow me in Instagram you probably have already seen this (if you don’t follow me you can find me  @taketimetocreate) As you can see, I am still working away. It is fun to see all the new colors and a pattern is starting to emerge. But,  I am still waaaaay behind (I am still working on February) but I just keep plugging away.

Temperature blanket

A few weeks ago I learned how to do a Finnabair inspired mixed media art (You can see the Finnabair blog here: Finnabair). I took the class from Tanya with Free Heart at a retreat called Mojito Creek.  (click on the name to follow the link to their websites)

Tanya is amazing and wonderfully patient. I loved creating new things and learning new techniques. And the retreat is beautiful, and relaxing, and I would say just about perfect!

Here is one of my completed items that I made in the class:

Mixed media canvas


Here is an item that I made using a puzzle I found at the dollar store (I just couldn’t resist), and stencils, and mica powder and all kinds of things. I still need to do some final touchups, but when it is done I will list it in my Etsy shop.

Mixed media canvas

The last item I am working on is another mixed media that says “Beautiful” This on will take a while because of all the nooks and crannies, but I think it will turn out great in the end.

Mixed media canvas


So what are you working on?


No affiliate links in this post. All opinions are my own.

Making a Dollar Store Cell Phone Case Super Cute

Hello everyone!

Once again I found myself at the Dollar Store. I always seem to find something I just *need* when I go. Well this time I found all these super cute cell phone cases. If you follow me in Instagram you already know all about them. you can follow me at @taketimetocreate on Instagram

Dollar store cell phone case diy

I will show you what I did with each case and have fun making your own!


You will need a variety of materials, I just depends on what you want to do. Here is a short list of some of the things I used:

~ Glue ( I used E-6000 and Loctite)




~Soft gloss gel paint medium

~mica powder

~Chip board letters


1st case

For the first case I decided that it needed glitter! So I coated the outside of the case with a layer of E6000.

Dollar store cell phone case diy

Sprinkle glitter on it, shaking off the excess.

Dollar store cell phone case diy

Once it is dry coat it with a layer of Mod Podge to keep the glitter from going everywhere.

Dollar store cell phone case diy 

I love how it turned out!

2nd Case

This one I just wanted to put a pink rhinestone where the plaid patter intersects.

Just put a dab of E6000 where you want the rhinestone and put the stone on the case. To make things easier I use a syringe when doing precision gluing and a wax tipped tool to help pick up the rhinestone.

Dollar store cell phone case diy

I forgot to take a pic when I was done, but you get the idea! Smile

3rd Case

This beautiful swirly case needed some rhinestones. I just found some swirly ones and put Locktite glue on the stickers and added them to the case.

Dollar store cell phone case diy

It was quick and easy, and I love the added detail to the case.


Dollar store cell phone case diy

4th Case

This one was just as easy as the rest. I just used some chevron stickers to add detail to the white areas.

Dollar store cell phone case diy

Just be sure to glue the sticker down with Locktite

Dollar store cell phone case diy


5th Case

This one is fun. The pattern was already bold, but I thought it needed more. So I added a chipboard letter and parentheses with Loctite and it is good to go!

I really like how this one turned out.

Dollar store cell phone case diy

6th Case

last but not least. This one was a little more involved, but not much. The case was not plastic, but more like a fabric on the area I painted.

I used come soft gloss gel and mixed in some Mica Powder on a small plate. You only need a little bit of each.

Dollar store cell phone case diy

Then I painted stripes and blended them together.

This one was fun to make and I have to say I love how it turned out.

Dollar store cell phone case diy


have you decorated a dollar store cell phone case? If you have I would love to see it!

Jazzing Up a Simple T-shirt

Jazzing Up a Simple T-shirt

Continuing with another DIY for my birthday dinner I will show you what I did to jazz up a simple t-shirt from Old Navy. I had this plain black shirt in my closet that I never wore. I have a lot of plain black shirts, but this one never called out to me choosing my outfit for the day. So I decided it was time to spruce it up with some lace. A very easy DIY that turned a boring shirt into something that I wear all the time.

diy lace shirt

Here is how you do it:


~ pre-washed t-shirt (you want make sure it is washed first in case there is shrinkage) I got mine from Old Navy on clearance

jazz up a plain t shirt with lace

~ lace

~ needle and thread, or sewing machine or glue

fabric glue


~ I wanted to try gluing the lace, I have never used this glue so I thought I would give it a try. I just glued the lace to the bottom of the shirt. The glue hold well and did wash well, but it took longer than sewing that is because I had to do it in sections and wait for each section to dry before I could move on to the next one.

glue lace to shirt

~ Since my lace does not stretch I decided to start and stop the lace at the seams on the bottom, that is so there is stretch and movement. I am not sure this was necessary, but it worked for this shirt. There is a small gap on the sides of the shirt, but it look intentional.

~ I sewed the lace to the sleeves, this was easier and faster than gluing. Just take the lace and sew a straight seam around the sleeve. This shirt is more like a tank top so the lace only covers a small part of my shoulder.

sew lace to shirt

I am loving how this turned out and I have worn it a few times since I make it. It can be dressed up for an evening out or dressed down for something more casual.

Easy diy add lace to a t shirt

I think I have a few more shirts in my closet that might need a little TLC.

diy lacy shirt